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In graduate school I learned that self-disclosure begets self-disclosure. I tell you something about me, most likely you will tell me something about you and back and forth it goes. I had written a blog about the secrets of life and it occurred to me that I wasn't the only person who spent some time reflecting on such matters. So, I brought together some other voices, some inspiring videos and inspirational quotes to which I respond. I invite you to spend some time searching around and if you are inspired please share your reactions and thoughts.

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A Lesson in Sex and Murder - eBook Small.jpg
A Lesson in Music and Murder UPDATED again 2022.jpg
A-Lesson-in-Therapy-and-Murder-UPDATE-2-2022-Colour-16B (1).jpg
A Lesson in Mystery and Murder NB UPDATE 2022 EBOOK CAF Colour 2.jpg
A Lesson in Comedy and Murder _Colour 2.jpg
A Lesson in Reunions and Murder - eBook Updated 2022.jpg
A Lesson in Woo-Woo and Murder D9 (1).jpg
Relationship Training Manual
picture at desk.jpg
A Lesson in Baseball and Murder - eBook.jpg
A Lesson in Cowboys and Murder UPDATE 2 2022  (1).jpg
Relationship Training Manual
Parenting Your Teen
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