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The Miracle Cure
Watch the Video and/or read what I have to say

First off, you know and I know there is no miracle cure. But, you clicked on the image so while I can’t fully deliver the miracle cure I will take my best shot.

A moment ago you were on The Secrets of Life website Home page looking at a picture of the Miracle Cure and you clicked on it and now you are reading this. So, even though you know there is no miracle cure, I am guessing you are curious. Maybe you wouldn’t mind if you came across something that somehow or other was able to help you move your satisfaction with life up a notch or more.

So, let’s try to do that.

Before I get started I just want to say that throughout the site I have quotes about the secrets of life and my video responses. I was going to write something about the miracle cure and then respond to it, but I kept writing so now I am just going to read what I wrote. Maybe somewhere along the line I will add lib something, but mostly I am just reading in the video above what I wrote below.

Now, let’s take these next moments and really zoom in on what needs to happen and what realistically can happen to make you feel genuinely happier about your life? Obviously your answer to that is more important than mine, but I am going share my thoughts which will hopefully help you.

Value the quest. Enjoy the process of your focusing on making your life better. Yes, it will not be as grand and glorious as you would want. It will be up and down. You won’t have many, if any, miracle cures. But you will have steps. Some forward. Some backward. Many on the side or off on a tangent. It will all be there. The good. The bad. And the ugly. But it is your life and you will be doing your best to make it as good as you can.

Many of us believe that if we just did this and this, and then accomplished that and that, and this and that happened we would have greater happiness. That could happen, but it won’t take away the hurts, fears, disappointments, frustrations and limitations you will bump into all your life. Life is a journey and like any journey it is going to have its range of experiences. Don’t buy into the belief that when ____ then ____. They call that in the therapy world a losing script. When you get that new job, new home, new love, new thing then you will be satisfied, proud, fulfilled and at peace. That happens and yet when it does it doesn’t last long and is usually replaced with some other when’s. Now that I have the new thing I now want the next thing. There is no thing, no body, no anything outside of you that is going to make you fulfilled and happy. Yes, they will all help and give you mood bump up’s but they won’t take away the inherent pain that is a part of life.  

Some people think that if nothing external can truly make them happy than they need to mediate more, do more yoga, practice graciousness and otherwise be the very best version of myself. That does help people feel better, but still it does not excuse you from the elements of living.

As I mentioned throughout the site there are many wise people weighing in on the secret of life and I have short video responses. There are long and short videos about happiness that if you watch you ought to come away with some insight, techniques, ideas and motivation to take some affirming actions.

Yet, and here is the big thing. It all takes effort. You would need to devote time to the journey. Energy too. Maybe even money. You would need to prioritize your greater happiness and actually invest time and energy into your consciously pursuing living a more rewarding and meaningful life.

The best thing about effort is you control it. You can crank it up or lower it down. It is not as easy as getting up and walking across the room to get something. But, just like that, you are the one who is going to decide to do it or not. And when. And how.

Once you are able to say to yourself that you want to learn more about what you can do to improve your life circumstances you are on your way.

First you need to be aware of what you want.

Then you need to accept that you are where you are, for better and/or worse and you want to do what you can to make your life more enjoyable to you.

Saying your version of “I want to make my life better” ought to be something you bring into your daily life more and more. Trust that the more you acknowledge this to yourself the more you will put effort into making it true. Will it all be grand and glorious, of course not. But it ought to be better

Invest in you and you will have a return on your investment. What kind of interest you will earn is variable, but it is interest. And interest in you and your betterment probably mean more to you than they do to anyone else.

So, if your life is going to get better. I am both sorry and glad to say, you are going to have to do it.

I will help you if I can and there are a lot of people on the site weighing in on making life better.

We all live and we learn along the way. I am continually adding new secrets to the site as I discover other people’s views on the secrets of life. Feel free to go to the Your Thoughts page and add your own. We may not be able to develop the miracle cure, but hopefully we can make our world and the world a better place.

Take care,


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