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Best Videos of the Secret of Life
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Steve Jobs changed our world and transcended his time on earth. He was asked to give a graduation speech and share what he had learned about living. He found his secret to life and this fifteen minute video  could help you find yours.
Want to be inspired to do your own thing? Casey Neistat listened to a brief talk by Steve Jobs which he includes here and from watching it he got the support, motivation to be himself. This is almost 9 minutes long, but I think it will entertain and inspire you.
Muhammad Ali was asked before he retired from boxing what he was going to do in retirement. This is his answer. Whether you agree with his belief about Heaven and Hell I think you will find his thoughts about dedicating the time you have on this earth worth your attention.
A lot of people never have a clearly defined career path and are the better for it. Others might have profited from having some encouragement about how to listen to your dreams. I think we all can agree Steven Speiliberg was able to follow his.
Steven Speilberg
Some years ago researchers began seriously focusing on what you can do to warn off illness, feel better and be more content with your life. Shauna Shapiro, PhD is one of those researchers and what she shares in this video ought to be encourage you. Turns out there are things you can do that you don't have to do very well, that will make you feel better.
Shauna Shapiro
There is a lot of research into happiness and living a good life. This may be the most profound and comfortably illuminating study yet because the secret to a good life is well within your grasp. Robert Waldinger MD has inherited a long term study that will definitely interest you.
Award winning author Toni Morrison talks about the role of the artist. While this may not be an actual secret of life, she does explain the responsibility of the artist and it is one we all can hold as we endeavor to make the world a better place. After all, we are all the artists of our life.
I like learning new things. One thing I recently learned is I don't have the best growth mindset which makes learning new things more challenging. Turns out I have more of a fixed mindset. Knowing that, I have set about to grow my mindset. Carol Dweck, PhD ought to have been all of our teachers and fortunately she still can be. She can help you be a better learner, which ought to help as you continue to learn how to live your life. 
David Tang was asked to talk about his life and he has an interesting story and some valuable insight into risk taking and providence. This is a 23 minute video that you could probably cut to the last 5 minutes and get the bottom line, but you would miss the context.
Paul Anderson  is a science teacher. I am not a science guy as all my science teachers can attest. His take on the secret of life is fact driven and enjoyable to listen to, but when the test would come around I would be floundering to remember the details. If you happen to be in science class and want some help, here is a secret you can share - Paul Anderson can help you understand.
Here is another researcher on happiness. This video is akin to a movie trailer. It is short and gives you a taste of what is to come. If you have eighty-five minutes that you can spend listening to her full blown lecture you might find the time was well worth investing. One way to make that video more appealing is to remember you can start and pause and come to it later while you attend to other things. But, come back to it as Sonja Lyubomski PhD has something valuable to share with you.
Most parents want their children to take what the parent has been able to give them and improve upon those circumstances. Maria Teresa Kumar has done just that. This is a short promotional video she made, but it points out how one can build upon their circumstances and empower themselves and others.
People find wisdom and inspiration in various places. In some ways we all want someone to be able to lay it out for us in easy terms that we can understand and grasp. Leave it to a cowboy talking to a city slicker to do just that.
Dan Gilbert PhD, a Harvard professor, wrote a best seller called Stumlbing on Happiness. He has done a lot of research into what makes people happy and in this 21 video he shares what he found out some of which you know and some your don't.
I am not much of a country music fan, but Faith Hill caught my attention when I heard her sing about the secret of life. Of course, she believes: "The secret of life is there ain't no secret and you don't get your money back."
Alan Watts brought Eastern Philosophy to the west in the 50's when he wrote The Way of Zen
A lot of the secrets of life that he passed along are not as expansive today as much of what he talked about is now something many hold true.  I don't have the video of his short talk about the secret of life, but this video has his spoken words put to images.
James Taylor has been singing about the Secret O' Life for a long time. Evidently he didn't want to be presumptuous and sing about the Secret of Life, but I think he may have a pretty good idea and a very sweet song.
james t
I imagine if you are a song writer and you and being honored and someone sings a song of yours that touches your heart, well, that has got to be a special moment. I think you might enjoy this moment as well. India Arie and James Taylor certainly did.
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